Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bilal is eight!

Bilal is eight today! Another year has flown by! Where has the time gone? It seems as vivid as yesterday, when I brought my tiny 5 pounder home from the hospital. At that time there was so much uncertainty, not knowing how he would do medically, when he might need to go in for surgery, etc. But here we are, eight years later, and blessed! My little guy is a stinker. He still acts like the baby of the family for sure, but he has plenty of time to grown up. It has been very cute over the past several weeks, watching him count down the days. He's been very excited about his birthday. And even with a late night last night, he has been up and bouncing around since 6 am this morning!

The first thing he HAD to do, was open his presents. What did he get?

A set of Dr. Who sonic screwdrivers. Something he's been begging for, for the longest time! And, more Hot Wheels track, that he had picked out himself.

Next on the agenda: assemble the track.

Once he had the instructions figured out, it took him no time at all.

This afternoon Safa took him out to watch a movie, 'How to Train your Dragon 2'. So far it's been a great day!

Tonight, the plan is to go out to dinner. We don't typically go out on a weeknight, but of course, birthdays HAVE to be the exception. We'll be meeting Farah and the boys for dinner, because, even if there's no party planned, what's a birthday without cousins?! Unfortunately big brother will be missing out, because he is still in Orlando at a math convention, and won't be home until tomorrow morning. But he did call today, to wish Bilal a happy birthday.

And than, after dinner, we have ice cream cake. Red Velvet cake with sweet cream ice cream, chocolate ganache, and Oreo cookies on top. Just the way he wanted!

Happy eighth birthday, Bilal. Prayers for many, many more happy and healthy years.


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