Sunday, June 8, 2014

Safa's Graduation Party

Friday was a big day; we hosted a party for Safa's high school graduation. The guest list included about 200 people, but the turnout was closer to 180. Still, that's a large group! The venue was the ballroom at Pine Tree Country Club, and the food we had catered was from a local Thai restaurant, Nori. No regrets on either decision, the hall was lovely and the food was delicious, down to their yummy chocolate wontons. We asked a photographer to take photos, so I'll be able to share those as soon as they are available to us. But I did take a couple of the kids, before the big party.

My young man in a suit for the first time. I think that secretly, he was rather pleased about how he looked, even though he didn't admit it!

And Bilal obliged me, with a button down shirt with khakis. For a kid who would rather live in sweatpants and a worn out T-shirt, that's a huge deal!

My three together:

A lot of preparation had gone in to the party and it was a very successful evening, with great company. Thanks to all who joined us in the celebration. Now on to the next stage, as Safa prepares for college.


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