Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ramadan 2014

Ramadan has begun; a month of fasting, prayer and blessings for all. Today we are fasting for our second day, which means that we get up early before sunrise, eat breakfast and recite our morning prayers. Then nothing to eat or drink all day, until sunset. At sunset, we break our fast, traditionally with dates or water, recite our evening prayers and enjoy dinner. Fasting all day is a constant reminder to us of those who are less fortunate. It also teaches us a lot of self discipline and restraint. We also recite the Holy Quran more than we typically would. Today, like yesterday, we will break our fast at home, but there will be some days this month, that we will go to the mosque and join our fellow local Muslims at Iftaar, to break our fast, eat dinner, and pray in a large group. It helps build a sense of community. After 29 or 30 days (based on the lunar calendar), we will celebrate Eid al Fitr, with more prayer, and lots of eating! Hopefully the good habits we have developed over one month of fasting will carry on with us throughout the year.


krishwala said...


My husband and I will be moving to Atlanta on 14th July and are curious to find a family dinner for Eid. We are Indians and have been exposed to Pakistani food and enjoy it thoroughly. Restaurant would be nice but we want to visit a family that's planning to have a feast with their relatives and friends. (To experience the true authentic breaking of fast.) Thank you for any tips you are able to provide.


mina said...

Hi Krishna, thanks for your interest. We actually live about 2 hours out of Atlanta, so are not very familiar with Atlanta, but your best bet would be to contact a local mosque. It is a great way to connect with folks from all backgrounds, especially during the month of Ramadan. Good luck!

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