Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Promoted again!

This past weekend, both Hamza and Bilal tested for their next belts in karate. I wasn't able to attend the test, since I had to work out of town, but Safa was there to document the test in photos, and Zakir was able to join in a little later too.

Both were promoted; now Bilal is only two exams away from being able to test for his first degree black belt. If he is consistent, it may be as soon as 4-5 months. He needs to log a certain number of hours, and show that he is proficient in all the skills that are required of him. Hamza has been training since he was almost six years old. Almost ten years since first stepping foot in the Dojo, he is close to being able to test for his third degree black belt. Just one exam away! That is huge!

Congrats, boys! I wish I was there to cheer you both on!


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