Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camp War Eagle

It's been a busy day or two, and we are preparing for another buys one tomorrow. Safa and I are down in Auburn, attending Camp War Eagle, which is her college orientation/ registration session. We drove in yesterday, so that we could attend the Honors College orientation, and today the parents and students were kept busy in separate activities. Safa spent the night on one of the residence halls.

She brought a sleeping bag and pillow along, and that was about it! Tonight will be another night there for her, while I am a little comfier at the Hampton Inn, down the street. Most of the day for parents was spent in classrooms and the ballroom, listening to informational sessions, but this evening we attended a pep rally at Jordan Hare Stadium.

After the pep rally, we are back in our quarters for much needed rest. By the time we leave tomorrow afternoon, Safa will have made her course selections, and will basically have a schedule, good to start in the fall. It's been a good experience so far, I feel comfortable that she has made the right decision, choosing Auburn for her undergraduate years.


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