Friday, May 23, 2014

Watch out world!

This is a teenager with a Driver's Permit:

Hamza finally decided that he wants to learn to drive. I took him up for his written test a couple of weeks ago. He passed his test, but, unfortunately the computers were down. So that prompted another trip to the DL office. And finally, he actually has something of value to keep in his wallet! Lessons will start this weekend, and guess who will not be teaching him? That would be me! Yes, I leave the driving lessons to Baba; I just wouldn't have the patience for it myself!

In other news, Safa had her last final today, so she is officially done with High School! Graduation is six days from today. And Bilal came home with an award:

The tiny print on the certificate actually says "Most Respectful", awarded by his second grade teacher. Academically he has done very well this year too, and by the end of second grade is reading at a 5.3 level, which means that he can read at a level a fifth grader can, in the third month of school. We're going to have to keep that reading up over the summer for sure. He is just as strong in math. But his writing, on the other hand, is barely better than chicken scratch! Another summer activity to work on!


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