Saturday, May 17, 2014

Unseasonably mild

We started off the weekend with a heavy downpour this morning... just as it was time for Zakir to take Atlas for his morning walk. So, that had to be cut short, only for the sun to come out less than an hour later! And it was a beautiful day after that! It went up to a balmy 68 degrees, perfect weather for being outdoors.

Bilal joined a group of kids from our neighborhood, for a ride in our neighbor's trailer.

Look at that glorious blue sky!

I even managed to drag Hamza out from his little hole for a few minutes too, although those few minutes were basically spent on the lawn, using Atlas as a soft, comfy pillow. The pup really doesn't mind at all. He will put up with any kind of abuse from Hamza. Sammy wasn't feeling very adventurous, with the dog in the yard, so he chose to remain on the steps, and not venture much farther.

While the boys rode in trailers, lay on the grass, and basically just vegged, Zakir and I got down to some serious yard work. I feel that the garden is really starting to take form now, though some of the plants have yet to establish well. Today was mostly weeding, feeding, and planting some more flowers. Zakir goes to Lowe's, just to 'browse', and comes back with a van full of plants, almost every weekend! No such thing as browsing, when it comes to Lowe's!

Tomorrow is Sunday School graduation. Bilal worked hard this year, and it shows; we got his grades via email today; he got all 'A's! We are very proud of him, because his curriculum was not easy. He will be off for the summer, and back in Sunday School when his regular school starts in the Fall.


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