Friday, May 16, 2014

Productive day

Lately my evening discussions with Safa have been less about what is going on in school, and more about what will soon be going on in college. We have been talking about new checking accounts, school expenses, and how to manage money in general. It's a new dynamic that will take some getting used to. Today, after clinic, Safa and I went out to shop, and for lunch. She still has two final exams scheduled for next week, but she was off today. We went to several stores, looking for decorating ideas for her graduation party.

We ate lunch outdoors at Maki Fresh. Aside from the fact that we had to hold on tightly to our napkins (it was very gusty), we had a good time, and a great chat. It reminded me about how much an adjustment it will be for me when she goes to college. Not that the two of us go out to lunch together very often (in fact, it is very rare), but we still try to take out some quality time together. I'm just glad that she will close enough that we should be able to see her on most long weekends.


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