Thursday, May 1, 2014

IB Senior Banquet, 2014

This evening Zakir and I went with Safa to her senior banquet. It had been rescheduled from earlier in the week, due to inclement weather. The venue was Pine Tree Country Club. We enjoyed a buffet style meal, great conversations with some other parents and students, and took a step back in time, while listening to excerpts from the students' essays, written during the application process. Four years later, many students could still relate to what they had written, while others learned how much they had changed.

The kids have forged some amazing friendships, as have the parents.

Zakir and I, with our baby girl:

Safa with her mentor and IB Coordinator:

And with one of her favorite teachers, Mr. G:

The students were presented with pins.

We are so proud of everything Safa has accomplished over the past four years.

This Saturday is prom, and then she will be preparing for an intense couple of weeks of exams. But the end is in sight!


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