Thursday, May 29, 2014

Congrats, Grad!

Today was The Big Day for Safa. The day that officially marks the end of High School for the rest of her life, and changes her status to that of a college bound student. The event has been held for several years, at the Church of the Highlands, in a huge auditorium. With only sixty-four students in the graduating class, there was plenty of room for any guest that the seniors wanted to invite. Along with our immediate family, Safa had invited Farah's family, and of course, Christina and her girls.

Just before leaving home:

 At the church:

We had time to take a couple of photos before the ceremony.

After being seated in the auditorium, we listened to some opening remarks, followed by a performance by the Valley Singers choir. And then some students, and members of the Jefferson County Board of Education had an opportunity to share some words, before the diplomas were handed out.

Each student was introduced as they walked across the stage to accept their diploma from the school principal. Some of their awards were announced, along with their university of choice. It is wonderful to see that she is graduating from a school where the college entrance rate is 100%.

After the ceremony, the students stepped out on to the lawn to perform the tradition of throwing their hats. We missed the excitement, as we battled the crowds leaving the auditorium. But wwe did mingle a while with fellow students and families.

As you can see, the weather cooperated, but just barely. It rained just before and after the ceremony.

 After graduation we all went out to celebrate with dinner.

Followed by dessert, at Steel City Pops.

That was probably the highlight of the day for these little guys!

Congrats, Safa! Headed to Auburn in the fall. Praying for success and happiness for our first born in her future endeavors.


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