Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

It was one of those weekends where we weren't quite sure what we wanted to do with the kids. We had the dog's space reserved at the kennel, in case we decided to go out of town, but it just wasn't coming together, so we cancelled his reservation, and settled on a couple of day trips instead.

On Saturday we took the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. We haven't been in several years; as far as I recall, the last time we went Bilal was still in a stroller. So he obviously didn't remember anything about the trip.

We started out by watching an IMAX movie about the Galapagos Islands. Very informative, with beautiful photography. Then we stopped for lunch, followed by a visit to the main Aquarium. It is actually divided into two buildings; one is the Ocean Journey, and the other, the River Journey.

And a little tip for a family with teen children: We actually saved on our admission for the day, by purchasing an annual membership pass. Children age 12 and up typically pay the adult fee for a one day ticket, whereas for the purposes of a family membership, all kids 18 and under are part of the family. So we can ahead by around $15! Plus, we can go back an unlimited number of times for the whole year (and won't feel like we've lost anything if we don't make it back). Plus as members we are also eligible for discounts in the gift shops, and reciprocity at several other parks, including the Atlanta and Nashville zoo. A win-win! Oh, and we were able to skip the long lines and go straight to the membership desk too!
Zakir tried to lure some butterflies to his hand, but without much luck. There were elusive for sure!

These Hyacinth macaws were a gorgeous shade of blue:

The view of the Tennessee River from inside the aquarium:

Bilal, in the shark cage:

On Sunday we took the kids to Atlanta, mostly to shop at Ikea. We bought Bilal a small desk which, as of this morning, has been assembled and placed in his room. We also bought a few items with Safa's transition to college in mind. We ate dinner at a tried and tested Mediterranean place, and stopped off to buy groceries from an Indian supermarket. Now we're all stocked up for Ramadan, and possibly beyond!

Today, after assembling Bilal's desk, we took the kids to the mall for lunch, and for some general shopping. I splurged and bought three pairs of shoes. After not having bought any in a couple of years, I was informed that my feet needed them!

Now the grill has been fired up, and we are going to carry on the Memorial Day tradition of grilling for dinner. I can already smell the hamburgers cooking. Dinner beckons!


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