Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's a busy year for our senior

Monday was yet another school activity for Safa. It was her senior year IB Awards Day. I took the morning off to attend. Took a quick pic of Safa before she headed to school. Then I dropped Hamza off and headed to her school.

The Awards program was long, since it also included presentations from the Department faculty, for foreign languages, and all the cores, of course. Along with the IB coordinator and the high school principal, there were many university representatives, who presented scholarship certificates personally to all the students who had applied and been awarded money for college. As of Awards Day, over $10.4 million dollars have been offered in scholarships to the graduating class of 65 students, and the actual amount might be quite higher. What a group of high achievers!

Safa received scholarships from both the University of Alabama and Auburn University. Of course, she has made the decision to go to Auburn University in the Fall, but it was great that she was offered the Presidential Scholarship (full academic for four years) from both places. Plus a $1,000 electronics stipend from Auburn too!

Next Tuesday is Safa's senior banquet, that Zakir and I will be attending along with her. She also has a picnic to attend, which has been planned for the seniors during school hours next week. And prom (Spring Formal), is coming up soon. All the fun activities will be followed by a couple of weeks of intense AP and IB exams. But graduation is in sight, and she is very excited about the prospect of being done with school, and receiving her diploma on May 29th.


Anonymous said...

This is quite impressive for Safa and her classmates! Awesome!!
Tora Cox

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