Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good citizen, second time around!

Bilal was nominated again by his teacher as Good citizen of the Week. It means a trip to the principal's office for a certificate that states why he was nominated and a ribbon to wear all day. The little boy that he is, his certificate never made it home! But he did come off the bus, proudly wearing his ribbon.

These past couple of weeks have been full of fun activities and filed trips for Bilal. First, he had the Boosterthon fun run, which is a fundraising activity for thr school. This was followed by a trip to the Southern Museum of Flight and a local College, where the kids learned about recycling and the environment. This past week the class went to see a play at the Children's Theater (too much music according to Bilal!), and the Birmingham Museum of Art (not enough art, and too much talking!). I think we'll take him back to the Museum of Art this summer, so that he can really enjoy the exhibits.

He spent the past twenty four hours with his cousins, enjoying a sleepover, followed by a trip to the zoo. It's so cute to see how well they get along together. Mama was ready to have him home, but evidently he was having too much fun! But I'm glad that he is back home, and sleeping in his own bed tonight. Last weekend we went over to Farah's house to spend some time with the boys, and give their Mama a break, so that she could go and get her hair done. As always, it was a blast. The boys are so precious!

The lovely weather meant that we had plenty of opportunity to play outdoors. First we drew chalk pictures, followed by a race down the driveway to the cars.

Of course, Mohsin marches to the beat of his own drum. As the older two boys ran down the driveway, he had to run in the opposite direction!

And ended his solo race with an enthusiastic "I won!"

Then, as the others retreated indoors in favor of quiet play, Mohsin and I spent time in the back yard, on the swings.

I am ready to do this again some day soon!


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