Thursday, March 20, 2014

Promoted again...

... this time to 3rd kyu brown belt. Two more tests, and he will be eligible to test for black.

The Dojo was full today, I think it might be one of the biggest tests in a while. Look at that determined look on Bilal's face during the test:

Even though Hamza wasn't testing, he was in his gi, ready to help out during the test. Admittedly, Zakir had to drag him out of the house rather reluctantly, but he ended up being a good sport.

Of course, with the number of students testing, it went on for a long time. This mama was rather concerned, since it is a school night!

 But it was all worth it, when Bilal got his new brown belt.

Great job, everyone!

After a late dinner I still managed to get my exhausted little guy in bed by 8:30pm. Not too bad!

Today was also the day that Safa was leaving for Europe. After dragging her around with me to run errands for most of the morning, I dropped her off to the airport at noon. By 5pm (Eastern) she had made it to Philadelphia, and within an hour and a half she had already boarded the plane, en route to Paris. Hopefully we will hear from her as soon as she makes it to her first hotel. I realized it is going to take some adjustment, not having her around, when I set the table for five this evening, instead of just for me, Zakir, and the boys. I suppose I should get used to it though, since she will be going to college in the Fall, and we won't be seeing her that often. At least this time I get to see her again in ten days!


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