Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Day

Yep, I'm another yer older. Hate to admit it, but I have realized I really can't be perpetually 29. If you ask my kids, they'll say I don't act my age. Not sure if that's a good thing, but I know I don't feel as old as I am. And we'll leave it at that.

As far as work goes, today was a day like any other; and it just happened to be my one Wednesday out of the month that I was scheduled to work in the afternoon too. Yes, I'm spoiled, I do get to come home after morning clinic on most other days. Although, by the time I leave work it's usually mid afternoon! Anyway, Zakir had the unfortunate job of going to the DMV to get Safa's new car tag. He spent about 2 hours there, until he finally got the tag. Luckily he had stocked the fridge with fresh ingredients for dinner before he left, so cooking dinner fell on me, when I got in just before 6pm. But honestly, I'd rather work late and cook dinner than stand in line for two hours at the DMV, birthday or not. So we had Panko breaded, pan fried cod, with sauteed cabbage and buttered mushrooms for dinner, yum! And coconut cake for dessert.

I got a bouquet of flowers from my hubby, a beautiful orchid from Christina and a pair of extremely comfy 'old lady slippers' from the kids.

I guess they're hinting something! Soon I'll be the old lady walking into the doctor's office with my granny slippers and housecoat on. I see one of those almost every day at our office!

Oh, and I also got a ginormous Twix bar from the kids. I am sooo not going to share!

Safa has had a respiratory bug, and was sent home from school yesterday. She took the test she had to in the morning, and left afterwards. This morning she seemed much better so she went back to school. But within a few minutes of getting there she started getting sick, with chills, and a terrible cough. So, she got sent home again today! And because she was running a low grade fever today, she's not supposed to be going back tomorrow. Evidently, not only are doctors hard to treat, so are their kids! This is her senior year and the last semester, and she has already missed three days since January. Tomorrow would make it four. She hasn't missed this many days in the past three and a half school years combined! Poor baby, I hope she gets better soon, she looks and sounds so pitiful. and, I hope she doesn't give it to anyone else; finals are coming up soon, and I'm sure no one will appreciate catching her bug!


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