Monday, March 17, 2014

Honors Day

I took the day off work today to go to Safa's school, for her senior year Honors Day. Admittedly, it doesn't take a lot for me to take off work, but man, I had a heck of a busy day today! The event at her school was from 8:30 until about 10am. Safa is already member of a couple of honor societies; Beta Club, National Honor Society, National Forensics League (debate), but the school also joined another group for the first time this year: the National Science Honor Society. This tapping was a complete surprise of her and the many classmates who were inducted.

Pinning of the new members of NHS
The existing members of NFL
National Science Honor Society
After the ceremony we went to the library for a brief reception.

My baby girl and I, in a rare non-selfie:
After I made it home, I got on the phone and computer to make the multiple business related phone calls and emails that were due. I was only half way through those when I received a call from the school nurse that Bilal was at the clinic with a stomach ache. So I had to go and check him out. I brought him home and fed him lunch, finished my business calls, and was about to lie down and snuggle with my sickly little bug when I received a call from the manager of the rental company we have our house listed with. They had a client who loved our house, and want to move in.... this week! So I made a quick call to Zakir to confirm he was fine with the arrangement, and dragged Bilal out of bed and over to our old house, to empty out the attic and garage; something we have been procrastinating about for the past couple of months. There, I was met by a nice gentleman who does a lot of moving for the rental company. He loaded up his pick-up truck... twice, and delivered a lot of what will probably end up being mostly 10+ years of junk, to our new house's basement. It took the entire afternoon! Our minivan is in the process of having its air conditioner repaired, so we haven't had it since Thursday night. Now we have a handful of items left in the garage, which should hopefully fit in the minivan once we get it back tomorrow. Then, after a quick garage clean-out, the house will be move-in ready by Wednesday. The new tenants are moving to Trussville from out of state. Wouldn't it be awesome if they loved the neighborhood and the house enough to want to buy it?!

Oh, and amidst all this I had to make reservations at a hotel for the boys next week. So it has been a hectic day to say the least. Much busier that I would have been at work, hah! Tomorrow is expected to be just as busy, or so it seems, if you saw my 'to do' list. I have to call insurance companies and utility companies, make some clothing returns and exchanges, run by the bank, work on our office payroll, and pay some bills, among some other things. We are also finalizing the details before sending Safa off to Europe for 10 days, and have the final trip meeting tomorrow evening.

Maybe spring break will be relaxing? A girl can hope!


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