Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ah... The Outdoors!

Since our move the cats have been mostly indoors, only going out for short periods of time, under supervision. There has been a couple of times that Sam has taken off and had to be tracked down out of the woods. But with the weather becoming more seasonably like spring we have decided that it is time to let the cat do what he loves. So over the past few days we have been letting him go out during daylight hours. And he will disappear for an hour or two, but then show up at our front door, waiting to be let in. It seems like he has got his bearings now, and he is a lot happier for sure!

He loves rolling around on the driveway in the sun.

Tiny, on the other hand, seems a lot more unsure of herself. If we let her out of the house she is jumpy, and startles at the slightest sound. Not sure if she could find her way around; she's not really the brightest star in the sky! So she only goes out under supervision, and when we come in, we promptly scoop her up and bring her with us. She doesn't even put up a fight!

Tomorrow we are headed back down to Auburn to check out a few apartments for Safa. Not sure what we will end up deciding, but both off and on campus housing are still an option at this time. Sunny and high in the 70s, it should be a lovely drive.


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