Sunday, February 2, 2014

What a difference a few days makes!

We already got a glimpse of what Tuesday of this past week looked like. Wednesday was a bit of an ice over too. In fact, there was probably an inch thick layer of ice on the road in our neighborhood.

The schools were closed and there was no way that Zakir and I would be able to get out to go to work. So we called and rescheduled all our patients and decided to stay in. Except for venturing out in the snow for a little while, of course.

Bilal stayed out long enough to watch some of the neighborhood kids fly down out street on makeshift sleds, on anything from boogie boards, to trash can lids, to cardboard sheets.

And one of the neighbors let Bilal have a turn too. Atlas watched, not quite sure what to make of the ice.

But they both didn't last out there for very long. Not long after, Atlas slid on the ice and decided he was done, and Bilal announced that he couldn't feel his hands. So they both headed back to the house. I stayed outside and made a 'snow ghoul'. The fluffy, powdery snow would not cooperate for much else!

 And where were the older siblings while we were outside? Curled up inside, in their pajamas, of course!

Thursday wasn't much of a thaw either, but the roads had cleared enough for us to venture out to work.

So we had a short clinic day, and were back home before 3pm. Still no school for the kids. Friday was a scheduled day off for me and Zakir, but the schools stayed shut for yet another day. There were still some stranded cars on the road, and the school officials decided, that after such an emotionally stressful week, the kids and teachers needed to take another day off. And because the Governor had declared a state of emergency in Alabama, these weather days are not going to have to be made up. It has made for a lazy couple of kids. We did have a few people come over for dinner Friday evening, so at least that didn't have to be re-scheduled!

Yesterday was a lot more pleasant, with temperatures pushing the mid to upper fifties, and actually some sun. But today was really gorgeous. After Sunday School the boys played out in the back yard in their T-shirts. It was 68 degrees! Talk about a complete turn around!

This evening has been wet, but mild. Not sure what next week will bring, and honestly, I don't even want to predict. Here, in Alabama, we just need to take it day by day....


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