Friday, February 28, 2014

Times have changed

There are still many times when you'll see (and hear) these little cousins running around the house like maniacs, chasing each other, or sometimes playing hide and seek. But we often see this too, especially in the evenings, when they've run out of steam.

They may be sitting on the couch, playing on their own devices, but they are actually playing with each other! I suppose that's another way technology has brought people closer together. Even as they look at individual screens, they are actually interacting! It may not be a bad idea, but I am glad that most of the interaction actually is in person, and much less often on an electronic device!

Farah and Adeel brought the boys over this evening, and we went out for Mexican. It's kind of a Friday ritual that is great for all of us. And after his begging and pleading, we let Bilal go with them to spend the night. Hopefully this will be a more successful sleepover than the last one! Tomorrow Safa has a full day of studying and then socializing with friends, and Hamza will spend much of the day at a math tournament. Zakir and I have some work to do at our old house. A busy weekend planned by all!


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