Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The meteorologists got it right!

First, we had two 'non-event' days. Alabama and many other parts were expecting to get a wintry mix of sleet, snow and ice. As predicted, some areas did get snow, and a lot of it. Schools were closed on Tuesday in anticipation of icy conditions, but in Birmingham we had nothing but rain, and temperatures that never dropped below freezing. Due to the expectation of the weather being worse to the north-east of us (i.e., close to where we work), we also closed the office on Wednesday. That turned out to be unnecessary, but then, hindsight is 20-20. Today Zakir and I went to work together, and worked a solid half day, scheduling as many patients as we could, between 8:30-12:30. Great move, because a lot of patients really needed to be seen. The kids were at home again. We didn't have any precipitation in the morning, and into late afternoon, and the temperature still hovered around 33-34.

Around 6pm, the deck outside the bedroom started to look like this:

Not long after, this:

And then, this:

As of 8pm, we had about 3 inches of snow. And it is still snowing. In the front of our house it is impossible to discriminate between the driveway and the lawn.

And we know that these small roads will not get a chance to be sanded or salted, so tomorrow we might just get another snow day for work! You have to live in Alabama to understand how devastating even a couple of inches of snow can be for the road conditions. The schools have already been cancelled for tomorrow, and a state of Civil emergency has been declared. So this means there will be no make-up school days or e-learning activities scheduled. Not good for the older two, who will be having orals and AP exams soon. Somehow or the other, the teachers are going to have to squeeze in all those missed days of instruction, without actually having the hours to add.


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