Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Second grade open house and the future of our schools

This evening we were invited to Bilal's classroom to meet his teacher and have the opportunity to view some of his work. His classroom is a happy, colorful place, and I can see why he loves school so much. His teacher, Mrs. E, talked about how smart Bilal is, and told us that she was learning a lot from him. We did also talk about the fact that his handwriting leaves a lot to be desired. Neat work is just not his priority! Such a difference from when Hamza was in secind grade. It was all about neat work for him!

Bilal with his teacher, Mrs. E
Bilal with some of his art work
Today there was a much debated referendum about raising property taxes in our city. The 7 mil proposed property tax rate would provide revenue to open two new elementary schools for our expanding city. One would be a brand new construction, and the other would involve renovation of a pre-existing school, which is currently not occupied. The current elementary school had to add modular classrooms the year after it was built, due to the increase in population, and new schools would mean brick and mortar classrooms for all students, as well as an opportunity to keep the student to teacher ratio low. There has been heated discussion on both sides of the issue, and the city has really been divided. Although the turnout at the polling booth wasn't great, the vote went in favor of the property tax increase. Zakir and I made sure to exercise our civic duty. Participating in elections was one of the reasons that I was so eager to pursue my citizenship in the United States, and I am glad that I can finally do that.


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