Saturday, February 22, 2014

Home Construction, part VII, and a little weekend update too!

Two home construction posts in a row! Wow, we are really making some progress!

September 10, 2013: There has been so much change, both within, and outside of the house. Quite a transformation! This is the completed deck, as seen from the back yard. 

And here is the view from above:

The brick has been completed on the front of the house:

September 12, 2013: A lot of progress has been made on the sheet rock on the main, and also on the upper level. This is the family room:

Grading the back yard:

September 14, 2013: I love the master bathroom window. This is just over the bath tub (which we will probably never use, but apparently, is a must to install in the house!)

This is the beadboard on the covered porch ceiling. It will be painted a pale blue, which is supposed to repel insects.
And the back of the house, with the deck and stairs completed:

And on a side note, it has been a pleasantly eventful weekend so far. After some debate back and forth, we ended up trading in Safa's car, Boomer, for a new (well, almost new) car, that is yet to be named. Her dad took her down to the dealership yesterday and they checked out a couple of cars they had previewed online. And she fell in love with a pretty little red, yes red, Honda Civic. Talk about a cop magnet! I just hope she remains as sensible on the road as she has been since she started driving. So while Safa was at a debate tournament today, and Hamza was at a math tournament, we went back down to sign the papers and exchange cars. Zakir called driving it back home, so I got stuck with the minivan again, but Safa has promised me that she will let me have a turn! This is actually her (very) early graduation present.

Tomorrow is the Quran recitation competition at Sunday School for Bilal and he has been practicing very hard. Sometimes that little competitive streak really shows itself in my little guy.


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