Thursday, February 20, 2014

Home Construction, part VI

By the beginning of September we are starting to get a great feel for the new house. Of course, without the sheet rock in place it is still hard to gauge the inside of the house, but at every visit you can see how much progress has been made. The subcontractors obviously have deadlines to meet, because we have even found folks working on Sundays.

September 2, 2013: Concrete on the lower patio has been poured and set.

The second garage door is up:

The foyer, from the upstairs hallway:

September 5, 2013: More brick is up in the front of the house.

The main level deck is under construction:

The deck, as seen from the hearth room/ keeping room. Part of it will be screened, and the remainder will stay uncovered for grilling:

The sheet rock has been delivered:

September 7, 2013: Before the sheet rock can be installed, the insulation is put in place.

This is insulation in the loft. You can get a perspective of the vaulted ceiling in the keeping room from here:

The master bathroom window:

And within a matter of a couple of days, the deck at the back of the house is already nearing completion:

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