Monday, February 17, 2014

Final Campus tour

After making the decision that she wants to go to school at Auburn, today Safa and I finally made the trip down there for a campus tour. She made the decision based on the fact that it is an in-state school for us, that offers great courses for the major she is interested in. Two hours away from home; far enough away, but not too far. The school is not small, but the entire Auburn area plus the campus still exudes a nice, small town aura. It is very pedestrian and cyclist friendly, which is always a positive aspect.

In front of Jordan-Hare Stadium
After an informational session at the Quad Center, we made a trip around the campus, taking some time to learn about the history of the school.

The Honors College
Safa is interested in possibly declaring a double major, in addition to applying to the Honors College. That would mean a lot of work for her, but after four years at JCIB, she is more than up to the task, I'm sure. If she didn't have a heavy course load she probably would have no idea what to do with herself! We talked to one of the advisers at the Honor College at the end of the tour, and she felt that it could definitely be completed in four years, as long as she puts the effort in.

Safa loved the campus, and is very excited about the prospect of going to school there. The next step is to look for housing, preferably on campus, but if not, there are many apartment complexes off campus but within walking distance too.

War Eagle!


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