Thursday, February 13, 2014

After the Snow

We had a slightly late start this morning, waiting for the roads to dry and the snow to melt before we ventured out to work. Since we were planning to keep it a short day today too, Zakir and I drove in together. I could really get used to this! Our neighborhood looked very pretty this morning, in the early sun.

The sky was a gorgeous clear blue, after grey skies for so many days. Our drive to work was lovely too, the pictures taken from my phone, from inside the minivan really don't do it justice.

And by the time we headed back home, just a few hours later, the temperature had hit the mid forties, and there wasn't much left of the winter wonderland we had encountered in the morning.

You can see there were more cars on the road by the afternoon too. The weekend is supposed to be mild and sunny. It will be a great change after the past few days. Snow does look lovely, but it sure puts a damper on things!

It will be great to have the kids back in school tomorrow too!


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