Monday, January 6, 2014

Something ain't right!

Who are we to complain, when the North East and Mid West are getting sub zero temperatures, but seriously, this IS Alabama, and I'm pretty sure we didn't sign up for this when we moved here.

Fourteen degrees before seven in the evening, and expected to drop into the single digits tonight. And oddly, at that exact same time yesterday it was 57 degrees! Didn't take long to turn around. I don't envy my hubby who will be walking the dog in the morning, around about the time it is predicted to be 7 degrees. Yes, SEVEN degrees in Alabama! That has to be a first.

Safa and Hamza had two hour delayed openings today and tomorrow, and Bilal's school was closed for a weather day today, so he went to work with me. It might seem overkill but out roads aren't equipped for the icy conditions that below freezing conditions can cause. Plus I don't even think that we have coats for the kids that are warm enough to protect them from this weather! Stay safe and warm, everyone!


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