Sunday, January 5, 2014

Not our average Saturday afternoon

We decided to do something different. Zakir bought three tickets to Monster Jam at the BJCC, for himself, Bilal, and the third one was supposed to be for Hamza. But what we had forgotten about was that Hamza had already made plans with a friend, and Safa had her own plans too, so I ended up tagging along for the ride. Why waste a perfectly good ticket?

We got to the Civic Center and promptly bought a packet of over priced cotton candy. That alone make the little guy happy!

This is the track before the monster trucks came in:

And then the arrived. And boy, were they noisy! I wish we had brought ear plugs, as many people had.

They looked like oversized Hot Wheels cars!

Although there wasn't as much excitement in the show as I had thought there might be, it was good enough fun for an hour or two. And to add on, there were also racing ATVs, and motorbikes and BMX bikes doing some stunts.

It made for one happy little guy. And although I don't think it's something I'd be eager to do again, Bilal would love to!


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