Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun time at school

Last Friday, Zakir and I went to Bilal's school to watch his Christmas program. It was a western themed show, with fun songs and dances, not something you'd typically see in a Christmas show. I'll have to share some photos later, but his teacher emailed us a group photo of the class. So cute in their plaid shirts and bandanas!

And there's been more than that going on. The students have been collecting new teddy bears and other stuffed toys for the local fire department. A very successful teddy bear drive.

And this week was his Christmas party. The kids exchanged inexpensive gifts, and enjoyed cupcakes, pizza and lots of other goodies. And evidently the class was raided by some mischievous reindeer too!

Today was the last day of school before winter break. The older kids have been out since yesterday, so we let Bilal stay out today too. Hamza spent a couple of hours helping paint the new karate dojo; today is the official move to a new building. Safa and Bilal mostly hung out at home, while Zakir and I spent time taking care of car maintenance, and other boring, but necessary stuff. We actually made it over to our old house today, to do some more clearing out, since Zakir is finally recovering from being sick with the flu. He's had a rough ten days, but kept working through it. We still have things in the attic and garage that need to be cleared out, before we have the carpets shampooed, and possibly some paint touched up. After that we hope that we can be more proactive about selling.


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