Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Visiting Cousins

The best part of our trip! The initial plan had been for just me and Safa to go to Nashville for the college tour, but Zakir jumped at the opportunity too when we decided to stay with Shaheena. After all, it's great to visit family. I admit, Shaheena is actually Zakir's first cousin, but I claim her as mine! We had a great time, including a couple of really, really late nights.

Shaheena and Asad have three sweet girls. Amna, the middle one, is best buddies with Safa. They are only a couple of months apart in age, and evidently have a lot in common. Lizzy, the youngest, loves to bake. Her specialty is cupcakes, but she made some yummy cake pops for us.

I love that sweet girl! And not just because the cake pops were delicious!

They also treated us to a delicious dinner at a local Turkish restaurant. Yum!

The Asads have the cutest kitty cats, four of them, to be precise. Darby was especially friendly, and came up to greet us in the morning.

He also spent most of the night curled up in my lap while Shaheena and I chatted about everything under the sun. Almost until sunrise. Now that's something that we rarely ever do. Can't wait until we get to see the sweet family again. We are hoping that they will pay us a visit during Thanksgiving, perhaps?


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