Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hamza's party

Hamza had a few of his classmates come over for a party earlier today. The party didn't require a lot of planning; if you put a group of teenagers in a house together they can find ways to entertain themselves. We just made sure that there was lots of cake and pizza. They spent most of the time hanging outside in the back yard with the dog (thank goodness it quit raining), and playing video games. We did take them to the local arcade to play a couple of games of laser tag, but most of the time they figured out things to do.

 Hamza and I made cake last night, and this morning I frosted it with homemade cream cheese icing. The icing was delicious, but sadly my hand mixer died just as I was finishing off the first batch for our large cake. So it ended up rather scantily frosted. Still, it was delicious.

And evidently the lack of adequate icing wasn't too big a deal, because it sure did get consumed!

What else has been going on? We have a closing date scheduled for our home, right on target, on the 31st. Less than two weeks now, and it's very exciting to think about the move soon after. I may not be as excited when we begin the actual move, but the end result is what counts!


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