Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another college tour

We were all in Nashville this weekend, for a college tour at Vanderbilt. Safa is still narrowing down places she wants to apply to, but is starting to think a little more seriously about staying in state. We'll see what happens during the application/ acceptance process.

Vanderbilt is a beautiful campus, within a very busy area of the city. The first part of the tour involved a narrative about what the university has to offer, and another 1.5+ hours were spent actually touring the buildings.

The weather was gorgeous to be outdoors, it definitely cooperated more than our last tour, at Washington University in St. Louis. That was during July, but the temperature was a coolish 65, with lots of rain.

Visiting Vandy was the primary purpose of the trip to Nashville, but definitely not the highlight. More about our visit with our awesome cousins in the next post!


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