Monday, September 2, 2013

Long weekend

And strangely, we haven't had a lot going on. No trips out of town, and not even much going on in town. The cousins have had plenty of play time together, we made a trip or to to the mall, and have been shopping around for furniture. Not bought any yet, but have given some serious thought to a couple of sofa and a bed for Safa. When we move we will have an extra room to furnish. Plus, Safa's twelve year old bed really needs to go. So she has chosen a nice wall bed for her new room. Aside from that, there's been a lot of down time.

Our house is coming along nicely. The framing is complete, the roof is up and most of the exterior has been bricked. Most of the plumbing and wiring have been completed too; all this is necessary before the walls go up, of course. This Friday we went to the lighting showroom and picked out light fixtures and fans for the house. So,kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures and light fixtures have been selected. It appears that we are still on target for closing at the end of October. Our current home is still listed, and we have scheduled an open house for next Saturday. Still hoping that we are able to sell before we move, since renting the house will be a less desirable option. We'll see how the open house goes; we are ready for the house to get more exposure.

School is in full swing, and the kids are handling the work load fairly well. Safa is learning to procrastinate less. Hamza seems to get his work done on time, although we hardly ever see him doing much work. He has invested a lot in the six year old computer Zakir gave him to work on, and now it is nothing like it started out. Everything is brand new, and it's still a work in progress. You should see him taking  glamor shots of all the components, hah! All that lawn mowing and edging has really paid off. And on a positive note our yard looks great too!

We are also working on clearing out the house. I have ask the Exchange Club (where we donate all our unwanteds) to put us on their regular call list, so that they can come by and pick up every time they are in our area. We have been purging the attic (stockpiled a lot over the years). Thinking that moving house more often than every ten years would be a good way to make sure we don't keep unused items in the house. It might be a good idea to have a moving sale when we are leaving, but that tends to be a lot of effort.

Well, Bilal has watched all the Ninjago videos he could find on Netflix, and is bored, so I should go keep him company. More furniture browsing later today.


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