Thursday, September 26, 2013

A nice surprise

Bilal has been training in karate fairly consistently recently. But when testing came around a couple of weeks ago we didn't sign him up, because he felt that he wasn't quite ready. But evidently Sensei disagreed. So during class today she tested him, and he got promoted!

So now he is officially a blue belt. which means that he can train as an advanced student. Go Bilal! Next is brown, and he will have to train extra hard for that promotion.

This weekend we are headed to Vandy, for a college tour, and for the chance to meet some family too. Looking forward to that, especially after being in conference all day today, and the better part of tomorrow. Hamza is camping under the stars tonight, at his 10th grade retreat. He'll be back tomorrow evening, and then we'll be headed out.


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