Sunday, August 18, 2013

Twelve hours left...

... before the 2013-14 school year officially starts, and yes, my child really is doing homework!

Evidently there just wasn't enough time over the summer! At least the boys went to bed on time.

This afternoon I took Hamza to his school for the mandatory Math/Science specialty meeting, always scheduled the day before school starts. Learned about some of the new teachers that have joined the school. With all advanced math/science classes it sounds like it is going to be a challenging year for him. Good, he won't have time to get into trouble, hah! We also learned about the school's placement in the most recent Mu Alpha Theta math convention in San Diego. Apparently the school placed twelfth overall among the fifty-one participating schools nationwide. Considering ASFA had only nineteen participants across all the divisions, compared to close to one hundred that some other schools had, that is a great accomplishment! Proud of our students!


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