Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Birthday Party

Finally, a couple of weeks after Bilal's actual birthday, it was time for his party at Chuck e Cheese. Definitely not my choice as far as birthday party venues go, but it was his request, so we decided that he should have it there. I have to admit, it was easy, considering there was little to no prep involved (I just custom ordered his birthday cake and made goody bags for the kids). Everything was taken care of, including the entertainment, and at the end we didn't even have to clean up! And the kids definitely had a good time playing all the games and collecting tickets.

The birthday boy with his crown
Bilal's Lego Star Wars cake with Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi

 The party host was nice enough to take a photo of the entire family. Those are rare!

The boys, waiting for the guests to arrive

And as soon as the guests arrived, Bilal was off to play! Safa tried to chase the kids around to take some photos.

 The older boys got in on the fun too!

And after play time everyone sat down for some pizza.

Followed by some Chuck E action.

And some air guitar.

After blowing out the candles,

And a photo with the big furry mouse,

It was time for the ticket blaster. The REAL reason Bilal wanted his party to be at Chuck e Cheese!

The older siblings were so excited that they collectively won enough tickets for a bag of cotton candy! Do you see the delight on their faces?

And to make the day extra special, we had some old friends join us. They moved away from Birmingham a few years ago and are back this weekend, visiting for a few days. Great to see them and their kids!

This evening we are again eating with friends; we really haven't cooked much at home since the end of Ramadan. Still enjoying the Eid festivities and all the parties that come with that. It's going to be hard to go back to work on Monday, after an extra special 4 day weekend!


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