Saturday, August 3, 2013

St. Louis Zoo

Yep, I'm only about 1 month behind in my blogging, but  will catch up, I promise! This month priorities have been different, and I haven't been on the computer as much.

While in St. Louis early last month, we made a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. It was quite hot, but still great to walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds.

I think my favorite were the incredibly adorable prairie dogs!

Look at those cute little critters, awww!

The tortoises stayed cool in the mud.

And we saw a family of elephants, how sweet!

And this is sweet too! My babies.

After visiting the zoo we walked over to the Art Museum.

You can see that by then Bilal was a bit tired, and in a rather grumpy mood.

Neither boys were very interested in the art exhibits, so the visit got cut short. Although, the rest of us could have probably spent a whole day there. So many interesting exhibits!

Hopefully we'll be back another day.


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