Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School's in!

Today was day 3 of back to school for the kids, after what seemed like a super long summer. I actually enjoy it when the kids go back to school; it makes work easier for me. In the summer I dread having to go to work, while the kids languish around on the sofa at home. And even though I am not a morning person, and I have to leave home one hour earlier during the school year, I still like the routine that it brings along.

Each child had a slightly different attitude, Monday morning.

Bilal was super excited. I awoke to him marching around the kitchen, chanting, "The first day of school, the best day of school!" I think he was looking forward to the school year more than anyone else. Three days in, he is still loving it (thankfully!), although his bed time is becoming a tiny bit earlier again. School really does tire him out! Today he was tucked in by 7:45pm. So not much earlier, but by the time his head hit the pillow he could hardly keep his eyes open to hug me goodnight.

Hamza was also looking forward to school, but the harder thing for him is getting up around 6am, instead of the usual 12 noon or later he's been waking up over the summer. School lets out at 4:40pm so by the time he gets home it is often pushing 5:30. And homework has started up already too, so no screen time for him (except for homework, of course). Tenth grade won't be easy, but he is enjoying math, and especially Computer programming. Today he actually made it to karate for an hour of training. Got to work that body too!

And Safa, my senior? She was not thrilled about going back to school at all. The only thing she is thrilled about is the fact that the graduation countdown timer has been set. If you ask her, she can instantly tell you how many days she has left before she officially graduates. It is definitely going to be a challenging year for her. But we all know she's up to it. If the last three years of high school are any gauge, she will hopefully be graduating with great grades, and many good college options ahead of her. And admittedly, she does love the social aspect of school! We have another college campus tour scheduled for her in September, and there are a couple of others she wants to squeeze in before her applications go out.

There is a lot of progress on our house that is being made; cabinets and bathroom fixtures have been selected; and this Friday morning we meet the electrician to decide about what lights and switches will need to go where. It's an interesting ongoing journey, and I'll be sharing more of it later. As far as we can tell, we're still on schedule for closing at the end of October. Getting excited with a little over two months to go!


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