Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a bit quiet around here

I dropped Hamza off at the airport yesterday morning, bright and early, headed to San Diego, for the Mu Alpha Theta math convention. He will be gone for six days, and should be returning on Friday evening. I have spoken to him a couple of times, sounds like he is having a lot of fun with his classmates and other students. But it is just too quiet here. No arguing between the boys, no laughing at videos on Hamza's PC. And less opening of the fridge and pantry!

I am really missing him, even though he's not typically the most interactive of family members. I'll be glad when he's back. Interestingly Safa and Bilal have been doing more together since Hamza hasn't been around. It's cute to see them snuggled up on the sofa together, even if it's just playing the newest game on the iPad.

This morning Bilal started his second session of swimming lessons. And this time he has an experienced instructor who is pushing him a little bit more. He probably ended up swallowing and sniffing more pool water than ever before, but he really enjoyed himself. All smiles at the end of his lesson, although he said he needed a towel for his throat! I am encouraged that by lesson six he will be much closer to becoming an independent swimmer, if not already doing it.

Tomorrow is my brother Tahir, and his baby girl Aliyah's birthday. And the day after is Bilal's turn. We'll be having a party in August, but probably have a mini celebration with cupcakes on his actual birthday. It's a pity that big brother won't be here to join in the fun.


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