Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the pool

Bilal's swim lessons are in full swing. He is making a tiny bit of progress every day he goes to the pool. Baby steps, of course, but it seems a lot for my little guy who is leery about trying anything new like that. Today was lesson number five, and he is now holding his breath under water for a brief period, so that he can retrieve something from the bottom of the pool. Considering on day one of lessons he came out of the pool with his hair still partly dry, that's pretty good progress!

He is also excited about going for lessons, and is perfectly happy that it's as early as 8am. That's because he's not a teenager yet; big brother has to be dragged out of bed at noon or later!

Yesterday, when I suggested (not for the first time) that we sign him up for another six lessons (over a two week period), he actually said yes! So I promptly did so. Group lessons a couple of years ago weren't all that successful, so this time we're doing private. They are shorter (only half an hour each), but he is learning. I still think he is quite far from becoming an independent swimmer, but he's definitely getting more confident. In fact he has become very comfortable around his instructor, and seems to want to chat more than actually swim! I have seen the instructors in the pool, they really have a lot of patience with the kids. Some kids might need to be pushed harder, but not my boy! He has to do everything at his own pace. And as long as he continues to make baby steps (or strokes) it's fine with me!


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