Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two more promotions!

The boys are training during karate with more energy than ever. Important, of course, with testing for their new ranks scheduled. Hamza is a second degree black belt holder. There are six ranks between second and third degree, and he has been steadily inching his way up the ranks, testing only when he is absolutely ready. Last night was the black belt test. There were five current black belt holders testing for various ranks. A very hard working group of students.

The testing including demonstrating their kata, and sparring, both two and three way (against one or two opponents).

Great news that everyone passed their test and moved on to the next rank. Hamza is now only two ranks away from being a third degree black belt. I'm sure the training will only get tougher from here!

And this morning was Bilal's turn. All the colored belts test together, so there was quite a big group in the dojo. Not much space to get up and take photos!

But good news here too! Bilal has been promoted from purple to green belt.

And proud big brother!
They will be back in the dojo on Monday, training hard again!


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