Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some water fun, and a first!

We had a great time this weekend when the boys came over for lunch. And then a long play date to follow!
What better fun on a hot Saturday afternoon, than squirting a little bit of water? Or maybe a lot of water!

The kids got hold of the hose, and let loose. Look at the look of sheer delight on their faces!

After getting a good soak they came inside and got changed. Luckily the boys are fairly close in size, so the nephews were able to borrow some of Bilal's smaller clothes.

And speaking of water fun, there's more planned! Farah was planning on taking the boys to Splash Adventure Water Park tomorrow, and asked if Bilal and Hamza would like to come along. Of course, they couldn't say no to that! And to add to the excitement, we planned for them to stay over at their cousins' home tonight. So they packed a couple of things (including their bathing trunks) in an overnight bag and headed out.

Bilal's first ever sleepover! It's great that Hamza is with him, and I have no doubt that he will be fine without Mama there, but it's new, for sure. Probably harder on me than on him! I just got a 'good night' call a little while ago from the boys; Bilal sounded very happy but tired. I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight. And then another fun packed day planned for tomorrow!


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