Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun Tuesday!

Yesterday I took the kids to McWane Center for a few hours. It's a fun museum to visit anyway, but we wanted to be sure to go during a special exhibit event. A very thought provoking exhibit, on the topic of race.

The exhibit included several anti-racism videos, photos and computer simulations. It helped generate an interesting discussion with the kids, even the six year old.

After the special exhibit we wandered into the adventure halls. The kids raced against dinosaurs,

dug for dinosaur fossils,

hoisted themselves up with pulleys

and had tons of bubble fun.

There were also mind games,

and a couple of safes were cracked too.

All in all a fun filled day.

Today was a usual Wednesday at work. In the afternoon I came home and rode bikes for a while with the boys. Made me realize how de-conditioned I am when it comes to riding a bike. Need. More. Practice!

Tomorrow is the last work day of the work week for us, and then a whole week of vacation, woo hoo!


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