Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some water fun, and a first!

We had a great time this weekend when the boys came over for lunch. And then a long play date to follow!
What better fun on a hot Saturday afternoon, than squirting a little bit of water? Or maybe a lot of water!

The kids got hold of the hose, and let loose. Look at the look of sheer delight on their faces!

After getting a good soak they came inside and got changed. Luckily the boys are fairly close in size, so the nephews were able to borrow some of Bilal's smaller clothes.

And speaking of water fun, there's more planned! Farah was planning on taking the boys to Splash Adventure Water Park tomorrow, and asked if Bilal and Hamza would like to come along. Of course, they couldn't say no to that! And to add to the excitement, we planned for them to stay over at their cousins' home tonight. So they packed a couple of things (including their bathing trunks) in an overnight bag and headed out.

Bilal's first ever sleepover! It's great that Hamza is with him, and I have no doubt that he will be fine without Mama there, but it's new, for sure. Probably harder on me than on him! I just got a 'good night' call a little while ago from the boys; Bilal sounded very happy but tired. I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight. And then another fun packed day planned for tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun Tuesday!

Yesterday I took the kids to McWane Center for a few hours. It's a fun museum to visit anyway, but we wanted to be sure to go during a special exhibit event. A very thought provoking exhibit, on the topic of race.

The exhibit included several anti-racism videos, photos and computer simulations. It helped generate an interesting discussion with the kids, even the six year old.

After the special exhibit we wandered into the adventure halls. The kids raced against dinosaurs,

dug for dinosaur fossils,

hoisted themselves up with pulleys

and had tons of bubble fun.

There were also mind games,

and a couple of safes were cracked too.

All in all a fun filled day.

Today was a usual Wednesday at work. In the afternoon I came home and rode bikes for a while with the boys. Made me realize how de-conditioned I am when it comes to riding a bike. Need. More. Practice!

Tomorrow is the last work day of the work week for us, and then a whole week of vacation, woo hoo!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Right, Safa!

This note was handed to me, with a request to pass it on to the tooth fairy....

Really not sure about the "Happy Birthday"!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Creativity strikes again!

I know! I didn't post for Father's Day! But I still share the sentiment. Belated Happy Father's Day to all dads, including, of course, the dad of my three kids, my father, and father-in-law. I love you all!

And in other news, Safa came up with yet another idea for a new pair of shoes. Have I ever mentioned how much this child loves shoes? She's nothing like her mom in that regard. But at least it wasn't an expensive pair this time! She started with a cheap pair of white canvas shoes, and 'Pollocked' them, using a bunch of inexpensive acrylic paints.

The 'during' pictures might look rather icky, but the end result was pretty cool!

Talk about a 'splash' of color! Unique shoes, for sure!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two more promotions!

The boys are training during karate with more energy than ever. Important, of course, with testing for their new ranks scheduled. Hamza is a second degree black belt holder. There are six ranks between second and third degree, and he has been steadily inching his way up the ranks, testing only when he is absolutely ready. Last night was the black belt test. There were five current black belt holders testing for various ranks. A very hard working group of students.

The testing including demonstrating their kata, and sparring, both two and three way (against one or two opponents).

Great news that everyone passed their test and moved on to the next rank. Hamza is now only two ranks away from being a third degree black belt. I'm sure the training will only get tougher from here!

And this morning was Bilal's turn. All the colored belts test together, so there was quite a big group in the dojo. Not much space to get up and take photos!

But good news here too! Bilal has been promoted from purple to green belt.

And proud big brother!
They will be back in the dojo on Monday, training hard again!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Once in a while....

.... our pets will make peace with each other.

There is a pecking order in our home, and Tiny, for years, has been fighting to take over the role of Alpha Cat. As Sammy ages (he's almost 12 years old), he has become more and more mellow. He seems to have a certain fondness for Tiny, and watches out for our airhead younger cat. But most of the time she wants nothing to do with it, and if he approaches her with a little affection, she'll back away or even swat him.

But then there are the rare moments where they'll share the corner of the bed, in an uncomfortable truce. What you can't tell from the photo is Tiny's demeanor; she was sitting there, with her tail warily swishing, waiting for Sam to make the slightest movement toward her, so she could either find an excuse to attack him, or run away. But he didn't give her the chance to do either.

And when it comes to our pup, they have developed a 'live and let live' attitude, especially Sam. He loves sitting in the sun on the driveway, and barely twitches a whisker when Atlas walks by with us.

And Atlas will occasionally come up and sniff him, but most of the time he is perfectly content pretending that Sammy doesn't exist!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer fun at Six Flags

Boy, it was hot today! But it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves, with a 2 hour drive to Six Flags over Georgia. And to add to the fun, we brought some friends with us too!

Waiting in line for one of the rides

Hamza posing in front of the Georgia Scorcher and Goliath, the best roller coasters!

Bumper cars!
We also enjoyed getting soaked during a couple of the rides, it cooled us off for a a while. By the time we left the park we were exhausted!

A happy, sleepy kind of exhausted.

We plan to be back before the summer is over, with so much more fun still to be had!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Weather permitting,

This is becoming a very common scene on the roads around our house, and I love to see it.

Our boys, out on their bikes together. Gives them a rare opportunity to bond. I think the fact that Hamza was the one to finally convince Bilal to start riding really helped too.

Safa's not been out much this week because she is still recovering from having her 3rd molars extracted on Tuesday. as promised, I didn't take pictures of her in her puffy, dazed state. She is doing much better today, but still took it easy at home, while the boys, Zakir and I went to a party we were invited to. And tomorrow there is another party, this time a graduation party for one of her best friends. I'm sure she won't miss that, no matter how she feels!

Monday, June 3, 2013


These little guys...

...are best friends in Sunday School. So when Bilal got invited to Adib's birthday party, how could we say no? They had a great time together!

I'm sure he'll be on Bilal's birthday guest list too!

Tomorrow the boys go for dental check ups. Between the three kids there hasn't been a single cavity yet, thank goodness! I'm hoping that this time won't be any different. And after their appointment, I'll drop them home and take Safa for her maxillofacial appointment. Time to get those third molars out, they've been giving her enough trouble already.

And in other news, this morning our house got re-listed for sale. And we already have two showings scheduled for this week. Hoping for a great outcome!

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