Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend events

Another round of sickies in our house! This time it's Hamza, the one who hardly ever gets sick. Thursday evening he complained about a sore throat and went to take a nap. He was supposed to study for a quiz the following day, but he looked so pitiful curled up in our bed that I sent him upstairs to his room with some medicine and promised to wake him up around 5:30 so that he could squeeze an hour of studying in before school. So Friday morning I got him up to take a shower and told him to come down to study. Instead, he started throwing up while still in the shower, and just a slight touch of his forehead made me realize he was probably running a pretty high fever. So some Tylenol, and straight back to bed. This is probably the first day of school he's missed in a couple of years!

Around mid morning we realized all his books were in his locker at school (he has finals for the next three days), so I drove him down to pick them up from school, so he could study over the weekend. And later in the day he learned that the quiz had been cancelled anyway. Phew! He was already feeling much better by Saturday, and now he's pretty much only dealing with a little cold. Hopefully he'll get through his exams well.

Saturday evening we were invited out to dinner at a friend's housewarming party, and today was Sunday School graduation. The kids got their certificates of completion and Bilal also got an outstanding achievement award. So proud of my kids! Zakir had the honor of being guest speaker at graduation today. Anyone who knows him well, knows that he is not a public speaker! But I think he did a fairly good job speaking today.

So it's a short week for the kids, then summer officially begins! I wonder how long it will be before the kids complain about being bored?


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