Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A week full of fun

The older siblings have been having exams, but Bilal really hasn't had much instruction t school this week, except some review. Monday was camping day, and the kids brought books to read, a flashlight and all the ingredients for S'mores. Tuesday was the end of school party, and character dress-up day. Bilal's costume was a simple one, but very cute, I think, made with just a few pieces of felt stitched together, plus some eyeliner for a nose and puppy freckles. And here is the end result:

It would have been better with a brown T-shirt, but we couldn't find one! But still, I think it was cute. Today was basically clean-up day at school, and I let him check out early since his siblings were going to be home early too.

So summer vacation has officially begun!

And I have to go to work tomorrow :(


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