Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mohsin's birthday party

We met at the Galleria today for Mohsin's birthday party. First there was pizza, juice and, of course, cake.

Ready to blow out the candles
And after the goodies we all headed over to Build a Bear Workshop to find some new furry friends. And the two and three year olds sat as patiently as they could, ready to pick out their toys.

And then after picking them out, back to the circle for a while.

After warming up their hearts and stuffing them in the toys they filled them and got a chance to fluff then up before choosing outfits for them.

Bilal's monkey, Cuddly, became Darth Cuddly
Hamza admitted that he kinda sorta wanted to join in, but he felt a little too grown up for a three year old's birthday party. So he just watched. Maybe I'll have to take him back some day to pick up another stuffed toy of his own.

And then back to the circle one more time, before boxing their new toys and heading home.

 Happy kids!


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