Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Awards for the kids

This weekend Hamza's math team participated in the Hoover High School math tournament. Hamza did not win any individual awards but his team placed second in the Division 1 (large school) Geometry tournament. This was his last big tournament of the year, although thy may have some online contests.

And on Thursday evening I got a call from someone at Safa's school, inviting me to attend the awards program at her school on Monday. Of course, I couldn't change my schedule at such short notice, but I'm proud that Safa got inducted into the National Honor Society. That is a great achievement to add to her resume, along with membership in the Beta Club. I wish I was there to take pictures!

Bilal got another glowing report card last week; he is progressing very well this year. We are reading more and more books together, some beyond his current reading level, but he accepts the challenge of learning new and big words happily, provided the book is something that interests him. I have a feeling he'll be good with numbers like his brother. He is already able to look at the time on a digital clock and tell me exactly how many minutes are left until the top of the hour. He uses it to his advantage at bedtime, "But it's still 13 minutes left until 8 o'clock!" Can't trick him any more!


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