Sunday, February 3, 2013

Surgery Day

I have already given the update that Bilal's surgery went well, and now the details.

We got to Children's Hospital at 7:30am, and after checking in, were assigned a room to wait in. Bilal kept himself occupied with my iPad.

In the waiting area
And after getting a room.

Bilal was a champ! The nurse asked us if he needed Versed, a medication to make him sleepy and relaxed, but he was fine, and didn't need any pre-medication. I think Mama was more anxious than he was!

After he changed into a gown the Child Life specialist came by with a new Beanie Baby toy, Paul the Walrus. She also gave him some stickers, a book and some coloring sheets. Another way to keep him busy.

The surgeon came in and chatted with us, as did the anesthesiologist. We were told what to expect and how long the procedure would take.

And after almost three hours (part of that in recovery for Bilal), he was brought back to the room again, very groggy, and puffy looking.

See the lion? That's the new toy he picked out after he woke up in recovery. He was quite sleepy and puny for a while, mostly due to the effects of anesthesia. Oxygen levels dropped into the 80s during his time in recovery and also after he came back to the room. His blood pressure was also a bit high, but this improved when it was rechecked before discharged. And his oxygen saturation also came up to 93-94% which is lower than his usual 98-99%, but acceptable.

As soon as he was awake enough and had a glass of Sprite we were allowed to go home.

All dressed, and trying to be a champ!
And after he got home he sacked out in Mama's bedroom, and watched tons of TV, without Mama getting him up to do something else. What a treat!

And an hour or so later, he looked even better!

He spent two nights downstairs in our room, which was a good idea, because during the first night he had a couple of little nosebleeds. And then the antibiotic upset his stomach, so we had to change antibiotics. Last night he stayed in his room and did fine. He had one dose of Tylenol yesterday and has not needed anything else for pain. Today he started the nasal irrigations, and he has done very well with not blowing his nose, to prevent it from bleeding. We are beyond blessed at how well he has recovered from surgery; nothing like the rough time he had after adenoid surgery last year. In fact, the plan is for him to go to school tomorrow. Thinking that half a day tomorrow will be good, and then he should start regular days by Tuesday. The hard part is going to be not doing karate and PE for two weeks. Don't know how he's going to get all that energy out!


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