Saturday, February 23, 2013

An early start to the weekend

Today is one of those busy weekends when everyone has something planned (except for me, hah!) Safa left home before 7:30am for day two of a debate tournament in another high school in the area. Last night it was after 10:30pm when she got home. Hopefully today she will be back during daylight hours. She likes to stay with her friends to watch the awards, regardless if she qualifies for quarter or semi-finals.

And Hamza was at his school by 7:30 too. Zakir dropped him off for the State high school math tournament. He was finished by 11:30 and home by 12:30. We won't know the results until later, but he feels fairly confident that he did well.

That leaves Bilal. Since a Dunkin Donuts store opened in our area, he and Zakir enjoy going on the occasional weekend for breakfast. Of course, I was too lazy to get out of bed to join them, but they did bring some goodies back for me too! After breakfast and getting my weekend morning NPR fix, Bilal and I had a very challenging game of Trouble. And I barely squeaked in a win on that one. One of those rare times that I actually beat him at any board/ card game! Usually he has infinite luck!

And today is the first day in about a week that it was actually not raining. So Zakir and Bilal went outside and spent some quality time with the pup, who, admittedly, has been feeling a little neglected lately. Aside from his twice daily walks it has been too wet to spend any amount of time in the back yard. And it really was quality time, for Atlas.

He leaned into Zakir, who obliged by tickling him behind the ears. It looks like he just couldn't get close enough! Can you tell how dense his fur has become? It hasn't been chilly enough for the coat that he's grown. So when the temperature go up into the low 60s as it did today, he usually lies around lazily. For him, the colder the better.

And on the advice of our realtor we decided to get the house painted, this time with colors that are most popular in homes that are newly constructed. The color is not as warm or bright as we are used to, and it was a little depressing at first, but with the addition of a few colorful rugs, and after putting some of our photos and paintings back up it is starting to look homier. We also had the old wallpaper in the bathrooms painted over. The painters will be done by Monday evening, and then we'll have the house fully put back together again. Right now it is a little chaotic, with some of our wall art still propped up against chairs and tables. I am hoping that the newer, more neutral colors will be desirable for prospective buyers who view our home. Now it really feels as if we are living in someone else's property. Selling a house is not easy!


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