Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Will it be a snow day?

There is snow in the forecast for Central Alabama tomorrow. Not much, just an inch or two, and with recent warmer temperatures no accumulation is expected. So we don't expect anything like what folks experience in the Northeast or Midwest, but enough to mess up driving conditions in a state that rarely gets much wintry weather. I'm not sure if it will be school as usual tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure that even if school is closed for an inclement weather day, there won't be much of anything for the kids to enjoy. So I though I'd just share some pics from winters past instead.

As you can see we've had our share, though it's rarely very much. But the kids try to get out and have some fun whenever possible. I doubt tomorrow will be much different. Having lived in Connecticut for three years, I really don't miss the hassle of having to shovel snow, although it does look very pretty when everything is blanketed in white.


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